About Us - Our Team

Our 2023 Staff and Classes are:

Principal - Mr Ben Kelson

Leaarning Specialist - Mrs Danah Clark

Prep A  - Mrs Cindy Riddle & Mrs Carolynn Murray

Prep B - Mrs Britt Hawthorne

1/2A  - Mrs Liisa Beaton and Mr Sam Nolan

1/2B - Mrs Jane McCulloch

1/2C - Miss Georgia Paton

3/4A - Miss Dana Bish 

3/4B - Mrs Janelle Harms

3/4C - Miss Emma Callaway and Ms Sophie Hannah

5/6A - Miss Celeste Benoit and Mr Lachie Watt

5/6B - Mrs Sylvia Murray 

5/6C - Mrs Emma Brabham

STEM -  Mr Sam Nolan

PE - Mr Lachie Watt

Art - Ms Emma Brown

Music - Mrs Megan Garland

Business Manager - Mrs Maree Falkenberg

Administration Manager - Mrs Leesa Dorman

Education Support Staff - Mrs Wendy Goodman, Mr Ash Nice, Mrs Narelle Pitts, Mrs Margie Stevenson, Mrs Claire Hilsdon, Ms Ebony Dunn, Mrs Akala Malseed, Ms Jess Paton, Mrs Bianca Rankin and Mrs Kylie Guthrig