School in Action - Visual Arts



The Visual Art program is designed to encourage and challenge students to achieve their artistic potential in an enjoyable and supportive environment.  The Art program stimulates both sides of the brain and creates a holistic world view.  Students develop their creativity and imagination as well as refining their practical and fine motor skills. They learn to make choices when experimenting with materials, tools and techniques. 

Students have the opportunity to explore and communicate through a wide variety of different art mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, clay, sculpture, construction and textiles.

The Art room is a place where students can reflect on their art to learn more about themselves, others and their environment.  Students are required to bring an art smock to their 45 minute session of Art each week with their class in our well equipped and inspiring Art Room. 

Artwork produced by our talented students is celebrated and displayed around the school as well as on the Facebook and Instagram pages, 
The Art program develops focus and increases attention allowing the child to be in the present moment, awakening the imagination.  There are opportunities through our Art Extension Programs and our lunchtime Art Club.