School in Action - GAP

 GAP (Gratitude, Appreciation & Positivity)

Our GAP program is built around the life-long learning model of Positive Education. GAP stands for Gratitude, Appreciation and Positivity. It is embedded in the Hamilton Gray Street School culture by the way we work, interact with each other and provide an inclusive environment to all in our educational community.

GAP sessions are taught weekly from Prep – Year 6, by a specialist teacher, in an area designated to wellbeing. Students learn about themselves and others through a variety of activities including craft, design, woodwork, gardening, knitting, reading and writing.

Through this program students learn to:

  • Value themselves as individuals, value friendship and value others. Understand that we are all unique and special in our own way but we can still work together and become one
  • Demonstrate how kindness, compassion and respect are so important in our classroom, school and community life. They understand that the positive things they do for others will also find its way back to them.
  • The gift of giving, which can be as simple as a smile, for the purpose of making someone else feel happy inside and in turn the giver also feels happy!
  • Challenge themselves, give things a go, not give up and how mistakes make us grow.

Throughout the year students make and sell items with the aim to eventually donate to various charities (student choice). Some items are given away to brighten the day of others. 

Part of our program also involves community members coming in and sharing their time and skills with the students.

A GAP award is presented each week at assembly to a member of our community who we are grateful for.