About Us - Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the Hamilton Gray Street Primary School website.

We proudly represent Victorian Government Schooling and are always striving to improve the learning for all our community members. At HGSPS, we choose to do things a little differently.

We are on a journey.

All schools are mandated to produce literate and numerate students, but belonging to HGSPS means that your child will belong to an Educational Family whose heart beat is that of Positive Education.

Every day we value people.

Every day, all members of our educational family show gratitude and practice altruistic behaviours, which ‘fill people’s buckets’.

And every day, we strive to make our family home a happy and joyful environment where the best teaching and learning can occur.

To wear our HGSPS uniform means that you belong to us- the HGSPS Educational Family.  High expectations are held for behaviour, interactions and learning. Restorative Practice is the language and process of fixing transgressions for all in our Educational family.

Our HGSPS proudly offers an amazing and high quality specialist program. Our children enjoy six specialist areas:

• Physical Education

• Art

• Music

• AUSLAN - Australian Sign Language


• And GAP - HGSPS Positive Education Model

Children also have access to instrumental tuition through visiting music teachers.

I am genuinely proud to be Acting Principal of such a wonderful Educational Family. I encourage you to read our Educational Philosophy to gain a greater insight to our daily purpose.

Would you like your child to experience our HGSPS Educational Family? Please feel free to call us for a friendly chat.


Mrs Ally Lithgow