Parents - Enrolment

Prep 2021 Enrolment

The following information is for parents wishing to enrol their child into Prep at Hamilton (Gray St) Primary School in 2021.

Unfortunately COVID-19 restrictions means some changes for prospective parents this year.

Please watch our Virtual Tour and find out a bit more about Hamilton (Gray St) Primary School and what we can offer your child.



*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to host school discovery days at this stage. Please check back for more information shortly.

Students entering prep will be given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Prep environment. Children will participate in a number of activities planned by Prep Teachers on these days. Parents may leave their children and return to collect them or alternatively there will be an opportunity for a school tour during this time.

Flyers will be handed out to local Kindergartens and will also be available on the schools Facebook page and the Skoolbag App when these dates are set.

Enrolment information will be available on the School Discovery Days.


*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to host parent information sessions at this stage.

Parent information sessions are held in May. These sessions provide parents and carers with an insight into how our school operates and the opportunity to meet our current teaching team to discuss any elements of our program and to ask questions.

How do I enrol my child?

You will need to complete an Enrolment Application form. You can contact the School office to get an application form. The Enrolment Application should be completed and returned to school with the following documents:

 • Birth Certificate or Child’s Passport

• Immunisation Certificate

• Child’s Passport (if child born overseas)

• Child’s Passport (if child born in Australia and parents born overseas)

• Evidence of Residency Status (if parents born overseas) - Passport and Visa Details

• Other information you will need to provide for the enrolment form include

• Parents home, mobile and work phone numbers

• Parents email address

• Contact details of emergency contacts (other than parents)

• Medicare number

• Contact details for your family doctor

• Copies of any reports or information from kindergarten, day care centres or relevant outside agency (e.g. therapist)

When do I have to submit the Enrolment Application form?

Submit the enrolment form by 30th July for 2021 entry. Families will be advised early October on the status of their enrolment application.

Ready to Start School Transition Program

At Hamilton (Gray St) Primary School we provide an extensive ‘Ready to Start School Transition Program’. All families who have successful enrolments will be advised of dates and times These sessions are held in November in Term 4.